Dr Judith Curry – Support Her!

Media Scammers and as usual the dubious Swedes have spread a great deal of hate and climate nonsense regarding the far more experienced Dr Judith Curry.

As a geoscientist and an energy expert, my view on this, is simple – get behind people like Judith who put down real work instead of inciting chaos. The refreshing side of her work, is that someone didnt just sit there and make everything up. I can argue out any of her points too and no doubt we would disgaree on quite a lot, but the difference is out in the public there is a distinct lack of respect.

For far too long our Children’s futures are being gambled away by overactive lunatics and people like Al Gore who are just after your cash instead of dealing with reality


One way to have a balanced view on Climate & Geoscientific data is to oppose the automatic Cancel Culture. Unlike the hordes screaming amateurs on the streets, contribution to a tangible scientific debate is much more valuable to society – after all as I point out a lot on this blog, a great deal of the panic is a set up to make the poor poorer, whilst ignoring the real damage to the environment – eg the recent idea to convert a remote open cast coal mine that nature is recovering into an all polluting energy park for disinterested tourists in Scotland….

So whether I agree or disagree with Dr Curry’s findings is a debate for another day – ideally I should be a professional and write up a scientific paper with real measurements and with contrasts, counter arguments, or solid supporting data that will help rather than erode trust. That’s something I have not seen from enough of.

And just to layer on thick marmalade to this – remember Swedes are in denial about their own environmental problems, burning everyone’s waste – remember the ash they dumped on Norway?


Another example of climate stupidity is employers demanding nearly everyone needs a driving licence – bs – isn’t that what Uber is for?

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